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What is my UDID and how can I retrieve it

What is my UDID and how can I retrieve it?

What is a UDID?

UDID stands for Unique Device ID. It is a feature of Apple devices that imparts every iOS device with its unique digital ID. In layman’s terms, a UDID is the ‘Name’ of any Apple device which is unique to that very particular device. The UDID might also be attached to a username, password, and social media credentials. It’s just a number but if it’s put together with a database of information, this number can be used to link specific information with, for example specifically directed ads or when launching a test build on the app store, you have to register your device’s UDID for the test build to work on your iOS device.

Every iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch has a UDID, which is either a 40 character alphanumeric code (on iPhone X models and prior) or a 24 character code with a dash after the 8th digit, on iPhone XS and subsequent newer models that are unique to each device.

Retrieving a UDID

Getting your UDID was simpler on older models of iPhones like iPhone X, iPhone 8, and all the earlier models released before the iPhone X. Here is how you used to do it:
Launch iTunes on your iPhone device

  1. Under Devices, click on your device
  2. Then click on the ‘Serial Number’
  3. This will morph the Serial Number into the UDID code
  4. Simply copy and paste it

And you are done!

Finding the UDID on newer iPhone devices is still simple, with one major difference that you do not use iTunes to fetch your device’s UDID now.

  1. Now, here is how you do it now on iPhone X, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12:
  2. Connect your iPhone to your Mac
  3. Go to the Apple menu on the top left corner and click on ‘About This Mac’
  4. Click on System Report and select USB label
  5. Click on iPhone
  6. Copy the value next to the Serial Number label
  7. Paste the value on the notepad

You now just need to add a dash (-) after the 8th digit in this value
Here is a Sample Format: A076HGE1–B3G15JX7HVXN4U6H7B

Once you have added the dash, then this becomes your iPhone’s UDID. This UDID will be of 24 alphanumeric characters instead of the 40-character UDID used in the older version.
How does it benefit iOS App Development?

Apple uses UDID to associate an iOS device to an iOS developer account. Connecting the UDID to a developer account allows that device to install beta releases for testing purposes. UDID is essentially useful for App developers as it allows them to track usage of apps, set up game networks, and store a few simple app development settings.

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